Good Times With Old Timers

If you search Google Images for “aging,” the results are less than encouraging. It seems, at best, we can hope for backlit, pensive repose in our old age. But Photographer Steve Belkowitz just wrapped a brand campaign for Rydal Park Retirement Community in Rydal, PA that offers a better picture.

The tagline for the campaign is “inspired living,” and that’s what Steve set out to capture. Using real residents as talent, he shot for 3 days at the retirement community and surrounds. “All the talent was between 75-95, so I wanted to keep things low-impact and simple, but more importantly, fun and comfortable,” says Steve.
To capture the many community activities, Steve prepped for multiple setups daily. So he chose equipment strategically, going with the fast-shooting Canon 5DS, battery operated Profoto lights for quick set ups and wide angle lenses so he could stay close to the talent while shooting. Explains Steve, “I act like a participant rather than a viewer – it helps the talent stay relaxed.”
In addition to the movie theater, art studio, gardening center, pool and more, Steve shot residents at the local train station and Whole Foods, both walking distance from the community. But his favorite shot was definitely karaoke. “They all started dancing and singing, but they really had to concentrate hard on the TV to get the lyrics.”

Steve is well known for his people photography, with both real people and models alike. He recently shot both stills and motion photography for the Hard Rock Rocksino in Cleveland and a series for Fox Chase Cancer Hospital featuring survivors (see below). You can see more of his people and lifestyle work here.

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