From microbrew to mega beer
with Illustrator Filip Yip

What does it say when one of the most recognizable brands in the world trusts you with their identity? Once Budweiser decided to update their sacred eagle to reflect both their heritage and their modernity, there was only one illustrator on the list.

When Anheuser-Busch launched a rebranding campaign, their agency recruited Filip to create key assets for the modernized crest. For a brand worth a reported $27 billion, that is high praise, indeed.

“The design won several awards and became so popular that I continue to help create new assets for the brand, from flavored beers to flagship labels,” Filip relays proudly.

Filip is no stranger to mega beers having cut his teeth on Coors Light. His first assignment long ago was to transform their antiquated brand assets into digital-friendly art and iconography. As a fan, he also took special delight in creating a seasonal Coors Light label dedicated to soccer.

Filip’s international experience and print production expertise made him the perfect candidate when Brazilian beer, Brahma Chopp, took notice and said, ‘Mais um, por favor.’

“They wanted to update their goddess with a contemporary look,” reflects Filip. “So we found a solution that was more practical to reproduce and more relatable to a new generation of drinkers.”

Filip relishes the chance to engage his playful side as well. “Blue Moon wanted to portray their brand in a fun, relatable way with their Graffiti Collection,” smiles Filip. “So I traveled to New York and Paris to study street art that expressed an irreverent attitude with humor and energy.”

If you’re looking for an illustrator/designer who can make the leap from billion-dollar brands to the mean streets of Gotham, drink in the rest of Filip Yip’s work here. Your brand will find it very refreshing.


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