Jack Hutch makes a living seeing things other people don’t normally get to. But for both of his current projects, sharing what’s hidden is exactly the idea. His work with Major League Sports and the emerging Cannabis industry let people sneak a peek behind the curtain.

Top down shot of hands cutting cannabis buds, from photographer Jack Hutch

“Being a guy who played hockey all my life, to go shoot in the locker rooms at Madison Square Garden is a dream.” says Jack. The project involves shooting the contents of NHL and NBA players’ lockers for fans to interact with at in-stadium touch screens. “You’ve got to see these size 22 shoes,” Jack laughs.

Inside a NY Rangers hockey players locker, from photographer Jack Hutch Photographer Jack Hutch inside Madison Square Garden

Over several sessions in multiple stadiums, Jack has developed a recognizable look with custom lighting that gives a bit of a 3D effect. “You almost feel like you’re in the locker,” Jack says.

Inside a NY Knicks basketball players locker, from photographer Jack Hutch

Jack‘s other behind-the-scenes pursuit has him documenting the burgeoning Cannabis industry. “I knew nothing about pot going into this,” he says. “I had no idea it was a multi-billion dollar business with indoor crops and high tech labs and thousands of employees, until I started shooting it.”

An employee at a cannabis plant in sterile gown and hair net, from photographer Jack Hutch

Roaming the west coast for the Cannabis Times, Jack captures the people and places behind these quickly-scaling businesses. “I have to build up their trust from the start,” says Jack. “There’s always a little paranoia – because, you know, it’s kind of legal. But the Feds could come in at any time.

Cannabis hanging during processing, from photographer Jack Hutch

“It’s really interesting and I get some great photos,” Jack says, “but my wife hates it because I come home absolutely reeking of pot.” You can see more of Jack’s wide portfolio of people and places here.

Entrance to Caliva cannabis company, from photographer Jack Hutch