Freya Fennwood’s latest adventure with Title Nine


It’s hard to imagine a better match than Title Nine, the women-run athletic and outdoor apparel company, and Freya Fennwood, whose personal passion for wilderness spaces and outdoor play—and profound understanding of light, composition and adventure storytelling—have made her one of the best outdoor/active photographers in the business.

Title Nine must agree with that assessment. These images are currently all over their website, catalogs and in-store merchandising.

Freya’s clients love how she and her crew problem-solve to get the job done. For Freya, the unexpected challenges aren’t just problems. They’re what make every job an adventure. On this shoot, for summer/fall apparel, it snowed 4 inches on the first day. No problem. Freya and her team found locations where the snow melted quickly, angles where you couldn’t see it, and a color palette that says “summer/fall.”

Speaking of adventure, this week Freya is off on assignment paddling deep into the wilds of the Missouri River to document one man’s journey paddling and cycling across North America. But don’t worry she’ll return from the wilderness in mid-October, refreshed and ready to bring the next great outdoor brand’s story to life.