Freya Fennwood



Based in Bellingham, Washington, Freya is known for helping put her subjects at ease while having fun while she works on her shoots and puts the important branding needs into the frame. 

As much as she enjoys her commercial and editorial work, she never turns down a job that could allow her to pursue her passion for sea kayaking, rock climbing, backcountry snowboarding, mountaineering, and mountain biking. That’s why Freya and her team can produce any kind of shoot the client needs, from a 20-person cast in Mexico to a 3-person backcountry trip to the North Cascades; she’s never one to turn down a challenge.

It’s all fun and work for Freya, but when it comes to fighting for what she believes in, she thrives on creating a more diverse outdoor community. She represents women as strong, capable outdoor people who are not tokenized or hypersexualized while working with women and people of all shapes and colors. She truly believes that she’s the change she wishes to see: racially diverse, environmentally responsible, and centered around a healthy, love-filled relationship with nature. 

Freya has a lot of other accomplishments outside of photography, like snowboarding and climbing over 18 volcanoes from California to Washington. She speaks fluent Brazilian Portuguese and conversational Spanish. And when she’s at home away from jobs and adventures, she likes to tend to her small garden at home.