Freda Scott

Meet Her


Freda founded Freda Scott Creative after starting her career as a wardrobe, props & location stylist. Across the next 5 years, she started networking and making friends with agencies & Creative Directors, which led to photographers seeking her out as a rep. This natural progression was also the beginnings of an agency – a group of photographers & illustrators who she showed and managed their marketing. Decades later, Freda has one of most enviable collection of artists in the industry.

Freda’s love for travel evolved along with her connections in agencies in LA, Chicago & NYC. This continues unabated as her husband and Instagram account bear witness to extensive travel across the continents. She may be searching for old ruins, marble quarries, undiscovered restaurants, and indeed artists unknowingly waiting for her guidance.

Freda has always been a strong advocate for artists, from being an early adopter of licensing & copyright law, to serving as a member of the APA for many years, and now confronting the challenges that AI present. Freda is that unique combination of decades of experience, connections and expertise, combined with an unrelenting need for discovery and innovation.