On her latest shoot for the Corelle family of products, photographer Christina Schmidhofer managed to be in four places at once. “There was so much to shoot, we had four sets going all at the same time,” she says.

Gif of containers filling up with fruits and veggies, for Corelle from photographer Christina Schmidhofer

With hundreds of shots required for a website relaunch, Corelle looked to Christina to set the look for all their brands, including Pyrex, CorningWare, Chicago Cutlery and Snapware. “Organization was a big challenge, because there was a ton of merchandise,” says Christina. “We actually had to rent a second studio to store it all.”

Woman’s hands holding a casserole with a ribbon tied around it, from photographer Christina Schmidhofer

Christina’s deep brand experience and strong portfolio across categories drew the client all the way from Chicago to shoot in San Francisco. Some even brought their kids, who got incorporated into the action. “The clients would get so excited with each new photo,” says Christina. “That was the best part of the whole shoot.”

A teenage girl with tortilla chips and seven-layer dip, for Corelle from photographer Christina Schmidhofer

The two-week effort kept a crew of 15 busy capturing both still and stop motion photography. “We were charged with expressing ‘the extraordinary meets every day,’ and this shoot definitely reflected that!” laughs Christina. To keep the mood light and refreshing at the end of the long days, Christina served up her famous Aperol spritzers for clients and the team.

Gif of white plates filling a dark table, for Corelle from photographer Christina Schmidhofer

In the end, Christina shot over 400 images for the website, which is already live. “It was a fun shoot with a big team,” she says. “We got stunning images and ate so many delicious chocolate chip cookies. It was a win-win.”

Overhead shot of knives on a dark wood board, for Chicago Cutlery from photographer Christina Schmidhofer

You can see more of Christina’s commercial and editorial portfolio here.

Overhead shot of stacks of white Corelle dishes, from photographer Christina Schmidhofer