Filip Yip gets technical.

Technical illustration of the interior of a computer

Illustrator and Graphic Designer Filip Yip can see through buildings, machines and more – and he’ll help you do the same. Filip’s precise technical illustrations are often used to show the inner workings of complex machinery, or to help explain how things are used.

Technical illustration of mountain bike shocks and finished bike product

“With all technical drawings, first I have to know the communications goal,” he says. “Then I can decide how much information to include in an asset. Too much or too little leaves the viewer confused.”

Technical illustration of an auto engine interior

That finessed judgment is something only an experienced designer can offer, which is why Filip is still highly sought for technical jobs, despite developments in 3D and rendering software. “We make decisions in terms of line weight, how to transition from straight lines to curves, how to be simultaneously elegant and accurate,” he explains.

Realistic illustration of a Camelbak hydration pack

And yes, even in this era of technology, Filip still starts with a pencil sketch. “If I can achieve clear communication in a sketch, I know the idea will only get more clear with clean, fine digital finish.”

A series of technical illustrations for Autodesk collateral pieces

And though Filip is well known and awarded for many styles of graphic design, including character development, logo design and packaging work, he finds a special satisfaction in technical jobs. “Solving a practical problem for a client is rewarding – and so is improving the user experience.”

Technical illustrations demonstrating how to renew an ID by mail

Filip has created technical assets for clients in industries from pharma to tech, pet products to hospitality and even the cannabis industry. But his most…ahem, interesting project was for an electrical intimate health product. “My wife was rolling her eyes at the online research I had to do for that one,” he says.

Technical illustration demonstrating how to roll a cigarette

Most recently Filip wrapped assets for Rhoda Goldman Plaza – turning 2D floor plans into “much more contemporary and cooler 3D visions of where retirees will live.” Check out more of Filip’s work – the technical and beyond – right here.

Technical illustration showing the 3D interior space of an apartment