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When it comes to food images, Filip Yip & Co. don’t just bring great illustration to the table. They offer a total package of skill, production expertise, and a sixth sense of how their work fits in a design context. Whether they’re partnering with global food and beverage brands like Nestlé, Lindt, Kraft, Frito Lay, and Budweiser or smaller clients like local grocery stores, it’s never about imposing their own design style. They’re totally committed to working collaboratively and flexibly with clients to enhance their brand image.

“Commercial food illustration has its own special challenges, especially when it’s for packaging,” says Filip. “The image needs to be appetizing, even with limited-color printing on surfaces like aluminum or plastic. But not so appetizing that it jumps out and distracts from the brand name and identity! So, it’s a matter of finding that sweet spot that fits seamlessly into the hierarchy of the client’s visual branding.”

Lots of illustrators do food. Filip Yip & Co. serve it up with just the right balance of delicious and design.



Bud Light Seltzer – Artwork (Limited Color Palette)

Lucerne Cream Cheese – Artwork (Limited Color Palette)

Pantry Essentials – Artwork (Limited Color Palette)

Local Business – Artwork (Full Color)

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