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Eye Candy and Soul Food

Director/Photographer Richard Jung leaves you hungry for more.

Growing up in his family’s bustling restaurant explains why Richard Jung loves the sights, sounds, and sheer delight of food. Business school explains why he loves the sights, sounds, and sheer delight of photography and film.

“I was conscripted to kitchen duty in my parent’s busy New York City restaurant,” recalls Richard fondly. “By the age of 2 1/2, my head was cram-packed full of juicy food knowledge and a bottomless repository of visual riches.”

Richard moves to San Francisco and ultimately attends business school. But a wayward filmmaking course upsets the apple cart. He drops out and starts shooting full time. His talents take him to London, but the love of food and all its tasty trappings never leaves him.

“Food has been good to me so I figured I should be good to food,” cracks Richard. “My still photography got me an opportunity to shoot some film and my filmmaking roots came back with a vengeance. I dove in headfirst.”

What started with lovely food in close-up has led to a wider story. Richard used film to capture the sensory world surrounding food – exploring the emotional importance of this first necessity to the people that grow it, cook it, and, ultimately, enjoy it.

“It keeps me pretty busy, but I always find time to write short films about other topics that inspire me,” adds Richard. “I’m finishing a film now entitled “The Luthier” about the making of a high-end violin from the first cut to finish.”

Busy is an understatement. Richard is also working on a project called “Daughter of a Shepherd” about a woman who saved a rare breed of sheep, and a book about salt by renowned author, Naomi Duguid.

“Film and photography are my work and play and that’s the way I like it.”

If you want your next project to leave a delicious taste in people’s mouths, dive into the rest of Richard’s work here. But fair warning, you’ll want to go back for seconds.