Empowering social justice, one human story at a time


Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay are more than great portrait photographers. They bring a deep respect for humanity to their work, and they love using their talents and skills to help promote social justice and shatter systemic prejudice. Their images empower people by helping them show their true selves in ways that change how the way the world thinks about them. I’m thrilled to share with you their latest campaign for the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking and the San Jose Police Department. To bring this important—and too often untold—story to light in outdoor boards, airport posters and social media, Ana & Ashley photographed a mix of real people, models and actors. But no matter who was in front of the lens, their understanding and empathy enabled them to capture the individual strength and beauty of each of their subjects. Even working across language barriers, they made everyone feel safe and strong, and that’s what this beautiful campaign—and the soul of Ash and Ana’s work—are all about.