Eli Meir Kaplan’s meditation on fatherhood with a sweet surprise


In the afterglow of Father’s Day and Juneteenth weekend—and in the eternal spirit of fatherly love—here’s a short, sweet video from Eli Meir Kaplan. It’s a father’s musings on his hopes and dreams for his two young daughters. Eli shot and produced this piece as a complement to a stills project on fathers and daughters that he’s been working on for some time. Whether he’s creating personal projects like this one or working for major brands and clients like Bank of America, Capital One, Stanley Black + Decker, and the CDC, Eli loves telling heartfelt, emotional stories. He understands the art of building a full emotional arc in just a few minutes, and he has a real talent for finding the moment in any story that touches the heart—and sometimes even makes it skip a beat. You’ll find that moment in this video right around the :30 mark. Fasten your seatbelt.