Dorothea Taylor, triple-threat designustrator


Dorothea Taylor has been busy this year doing “designustration”—her signature blend of illustration, typographic styling and design. Because she conceives and creates the images (which often includes beautifully rendered people, characters and scenes), the hand-styled type, and the layout, the result is a total package that works together in a perfectly balanced way. Her recent poster for Capturing the Spirit of Oakland, one of Atlanta’s most popular annual events, is a perfect example of this “triple threat” approach. When I met Dorothea last spring, she told me she wanted to create more books for black and brown kids and parents that mirror their reality in positive, uplifting stories. She just finished two of them! She did the illustrations and cover designs for Daddy Let’s Play! and Pancake Dad! (which, she told me with a smile, “was number one in its category on Amazon…for a day!”)