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Director/Photographer Andrew Maguire brings powder to the people!

What gets your attention when you’re trying to shoot still photography and direct film during the same shoot? Avalanches. When one of your elite athletes gets buried in snow while driving to the shoot, well, survival makes its way to the top of the list.

“Photography and film require two different skill sets,” explains Andrew. “Yes, both mediums work with cameras, lighting, and composition, but storytelling through motion is a different process, you need to think beyond the still frame.”

In addition to the challenges of simultaneously running film and photography shoots, the already tight three-day schedule landed in the middle of a record-breaking snowstorm that blanketed the Colorado High Country with 50+ inches of snow in 48 hours. Time to break out the ski snorkels.

“In three days, we experienced everything the Rockies could throw at us,” exclaims Andrew. “Highway and road closures, whiteout conditions, avalanches, rain, and more than four feet of snow. I mean, that’s taller than some of the kids we were shooting!”

Andrew doesn’t like to work with a script for this type of shoot, but a storyboard and creative brief is vital. He knew this campaign was built around the sense of place. What sets Vail apart from other iconic mountains is the surroundings.

“This was an exciting project,” smiles Andrew. “Not only to work for one of the most recognizable brands in the world, but to face whatever Mother Nature threw at us while pushing beyond my previous boundaries.”

No doubt about it, this was a double-black-diamond shoot. But despite the demands, Andrew never got out over his skis. And in the end, Vail came out looking “Like Nothing On Earth.”

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