“Car designers are artists,” says Photographer Eric Frazier.  “I like to find the little details and subtle shapes they spend time on that most people miss.”

A silver Hyundai with a glow of purple light behind, from photographer Eric Frazier
Detail of a Hyndai’s side view mirror shot from below by photographer Eric Frazier

Known primarily for his people and lifestyle work, Eric has also shot a number of car jobs over the last few years. “It’s a nice change of pace,” he says. “Cars never get tired in the middle of a shoot. And you don’t have to feed them,” he laughs.

A blue Toyota Tacoma parked against a white bridge backdrop by photographer Eric Frazier

Often called on to shoot prototypes and pre-production models no one has ever seen, his shoot prep begins with simple observation. “I like to just look at the car for awhile, get a feel for the shape and lines. There’s a personality to every car. And different personalities of the people that will buy them.”

Detail of a car door handle by photographer Eric Frazier

While not a deeply obsessed ‘car guy,’ Eric appreciates them in his own way. “They can be the perfect marriage of form and function,” he says. “The way the designers work creatively within the constraints of the vehicle’s price and purpose is so interesting to me.”

Close up of the Chrysler logo on a cream colored hood by photographer Eric Frazier

A Chrysler comes around a corner in light-flooded woods, shot by photographer Eric Frazier

Eric has partnered with brands including Toyota, Lexus, Chrysler, Hyundai and Acura. You can see more of his people, places and machines portfolio here.

A sporty red Toyota shows off its curves, by photographer Eric Frazier
An upward shot of a blue car door with blue sky in the background, by photographer Eric Frazier