Bryan Coppede celebrates women woodworkers


There are two reasons you might call Bryan Coppede an artisan photographer. First, he approaches his work like a craftsman, constantly honing and refining his technical skills with Zenlike focus. Second, he’s especially drawn to showcasing people who work with their hands—whether they’re farmers, beekeepers, winemakers, or woodworkers. Since he’s something of a hobbyist woodworker himself, he jumped at the chance to document the people and the process behind Peg Woodworking, Kate Casey’s woman-owned and operated furniture design and fabrication company in his hometown, Brooklyn. These images, already being used on the company’s website and in marketing and social media, were shot over two days, shortly after everyone in the company had been vaccinated. It was the first time many of them had met face to face because they had been staggering their time in the shop up to that point. You can sense the joy of craft and collaboration in these images—in the faces, but also in the hands and hearts of these masterful makers.