Bryan Coppede celebrates a super-sustainable family farm


Still and motion photographer Bryan Coppede’s work has a feeling of deep humanity to it, because he cares so much about the human stories his images tell. At Pasture 42, a family-owned farm in California’s agricultural Eden, the Capay Valley, it’s a story about Susan and Ken Muller and their commitment to true sustainability—producing pasture-raised meat, eggs, and dairy, as well as olive oil and produce, with no pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, or hormones while building healthier soil from the ground up. On three visits over the course of a single growing season, Bryan created a library of images for the farm’s website and social media channels. The more he documents the work of artisans and growers like these, the more he understands that his own work—celebrating the traditions and wisdom of past and present generations to help keep them alive in the future—is also very much a part of building a more sustainable world.