Blake Jorgenson, wilderness rock star


There are rocks and there are Rocks—and “The Chief” is definitely the latter. Soaring straight up more than 2,000 feet above the Howe Sound in Squamish, BC, it’s the second-largest granite monolith in the world after the Rock of Gibraltar. For climbers, it’s a bucket-list Mecca, and that made it a natural location choice for high-performance outdoor apparel and gear company, Arc’teryx. After a successful mountain wilderness shoot with Blake Jorgenson earlier this year, the company called him again to create a new library of images in the densely forested labyrinth of boulders at the base of The Chief. With very little natural light available, Blake had to juggle slow shutter speeds with the need to make the shots look fluid, not posed. He supplemented the overhead sunlight with a large softbox to give the clothing shape and pop the logos. As always, Arc’teryx wanted images that capture the beauty of the location while meeting all the standards of studio “hero” apparel photography. And once again, Blake totally rocked it.