Blake Jorgenson gets personal with a pickup truck


Blake Jorgenson has that rare combination of outdoor/adventure shooting talents and meticulous production skills that have established him as a master automotive photographer for clients ranging from Honda and Ram trucks to Mazda and Mercedes Benz. But in between jobs, he still loves to hone his craft with personal projects that let him experiment with new techniques and ideas that he can bring back to his commercial work. For this shoot, he wanted to use everything he knows about outdoor/action automotive shooting to create a look and narrative style that go way beyond the limits of what most advertising work allows. He chose an older vehicle with a feeling of soul and story to it and drew inspiration from the misty, rainy mountains of Squamish, British Columbia to create images that are dark, moody, and gritty but still very polished. Like all of Blake’s work, these images are painstakingly choreographed and orchestrated to create a sense of heightened reality that feels both spontaneous and artfully crafted. Turning a pickup truck into the star of a haunting mystery story isn’t easy. But for Blake, it’s just the kind of personal-best challenge that gets his creative engine going.