Blake Jorgenson blazes a new artistic trail


Yes, these amazing images are by Blake Jorgenson, whom you no doubt know for his action-packed automotive and outdoor/adventure work. For Blake, this “Mad Seamstress” passion project was an adventure of a different kind—a collaboration with a variety of other talented creatives that took him way off the roads he’s used to exploring. But what it had in common with all of Blake’s still and motion work were the elements of meticulous preproduction, planning, choreography, and design. For Blake, it’s all about having a vision and then building it from the ground up, orchestrating every detail to get shots that feel spontaneous, hyper-real, and larger than life. These images combine a set built in a Vancouver studio with backgrounds Blake shot on location in Utah. Working with @andreaXangela—the models who also collaborated on set and wardrobe design—took Blake way outside his comfort zone and gave him all kinds of inspiration and new tools to bring back to his commercial work. It’s a perfect example of the guiding principle that drives Blake and all the talented people I get to work with here at Freda Scott Creative: The best commercial artists are true artists at heart, always eager to learn, grow and find new ways to express their vision.