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Beauty products, beautifully


San Francisco-based still life, lifestyle and food photographer Christina Schmidhofer has an incredible gift for what I think of “styled spontaneity.” In this recent work, she brings her love of flowers and other organic elements to the tabletop to showcase the connection between some of her favorite beauty and wellness products and the natural world. She and stylist Fanny Pan got totally into foraging: honeycomb from a beekeeper friend in the Oakland hills, driftwood, seaweed, rocks from their favorite beaches, moss covered bark and mushrooms from their backyards, and homegrown aloe vera. Taking beautiful packaging shots is something a lot of photographers do. But showcasing packaging in images that are not just beautiful, but also tell a product’s story in a fresh, natural, eye-catching way—that’s the art of “styled spontaneity” I admire so much in Christina’s work.



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