Beautiful cars and big thinking from Brian Smale


Photographing a collection of objects is one thing. But when those objects are cars, it’s a challenge of a whole different dimension. Avants, a very cool new magazine for rare car enthusiasts based in the Pacific Northwest recently asked Brian Smale to shoot some rare cars owned by a local collector. But the editor also wanted an image of his entire collection. Shooting time was limited, and the collection is housed in a vast garage with very little room to maneuver a camera and get a decent overview. So, Brian came up with a creative solution. He shot dozens of images of the cars from multiple angles and assembled them into a Hockney-style collage. Many hours, and many Photoshop layers later, he ended up with a very, very wide image. Fortunately, the editor of Avants liked it so much, he decided to feature it as a four-page foldout!