Automotive + wilderness = Blake Jorgenson


When a major automotive company does a broadcast commercial shoot on location, the stills aren’t just an afterthought. They’re destined to be as much a part of the marketing mix as the motion work. That’s why companies like Honda, Mazda, Mercedes Benz and, in this case, RAM Trucks turn to Vancouver-based photographer Blake Jorgenson. He’s not just a fearless wilderness shooter. He’s a master of the art of automotive work and outdoor lighting.

For this shoot, he got to work right in his own backyard in spectacular Squamish BC, partnering with director Eric Crossland of Sherpas Cinema. At a highly produced, fast-moving shoot like this, it’s all about choreography. You have to constantly find the right position for both safety and getting the perfect angle, while working around the video team and staying in contact with the precision driver. It’s just the kind of high-stakes thrill ride Blake loves, and that really comes through in the images he delivers.