Another first for diversity from Stan Evans


Photographer Stan Evans is committed to a powerful idea: He believes that art, commercial work, and activism can not only coexist, they can actually come together to help make a better, more inclusive world. That’s why Cervélo Bikes chose him to tell the story of Sika Henry, the first Black female triathlete to earn her pro card. Sika understands the importance of being a mentor and role model for diverse youth, and she trusted Stan to capture her strength, her beauty, her determination and her vulnerability in these powerful still images. All through the shoot, Stan and his crew squeezed video moments in whenever they could, and they used that material to create the attached video short, which Stan and Sika shared on social media. The next thing they knew, ESPN W saw the video on Sika’s Instagram, and now they’ve included clips from it in their own promo video that celebrates the strength of female athletes. That’s the art—and the transformative power—of authentic storytelling.




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