Andrew Maguire moves mountains for Subaru


When Subaru wants to capture the active, outdoor lifestyle the brand embodies, they turn to a photographer who does the same. Andrew Maguire, a longtime Colorado resident, is well-immersed in the world of hiking, camping, kayaking and climbing. He knows an authentic scene when he sees one, and how to shoot it. “Lifestyle imagery tends to look really posed and forced,” says Andrew, “I like to just wind ‘em up and let ‘em go, getting that real energy in the moment.”



For this shoot, leisurely setups weren’t an option anyway. In five days Andrew shot photos of camping in Nederland, CO, trail running in Chataqua, lifestyle in Boulder and rock climbing and canoeing in El Dorado Canyon State Park. Not to mention myriad product shots of gear and accessories. “We had an epic sunrise and an amazing athlete for our climbing shot,” he recalls. “I could have stayed all morning – but with a shot list this heavy, we only had 10 minutes to get the shot.”


Along with his crew of 12 (and 5 intrepid clients), Andrew toted along a Canon 1DX and a 5Ds with a Broncolor Move strobe pack, plus a truckload of grip gear to manage the intensity of the Colorado sun. “The Subaru aesthetic is well established,” Andrew explains, “and luckily my look is similar – we’re a perfect match.”


Never one to sit still for long, Andrew also recently finished a series of shots for Nike’s Elite Trail Running Team in Chamonix, France. “Talk about intense,” says Andrew. “You hike in for hours and have one chance to get the shot. It’s not like the athletes are going to stop for a reshoot.” Nike is releasing the shots via their social media channels. Meanwhile, Andrew is, as always, off on his next adventure. We can’t wait to see what he chases down next.