Advancing Recycling needs advanced creativity!

Jef Loeb and his team are an integral part of the collective at Freda Scott Creative and a recent project for Advancing Recycling shows why. Tasked with creating spots to promote California’s adoption of advanced recycling technology, they also had to remind people of the indispensability of plastics.

Jef’s team chose three individuals who heavily rely on plastics in areas we can all relate to. Each of them – Aisha the Nurse, Jack the Environmental Data Scientist, and Samantha the Food Bank Volunteer – authentically expresses the challenges they face. Their interviews, combined with a carefully crafted script, have yielded truly compelling results.

For the art direction, they chose a classic look, building each set around the equipment and items typically found in each environment. The result paid tribute to the timeless look of the past, while simultaneously embracing the future of advanced recycling.

The visual effects, particularly the “vanishing act” at the end of each spot, were predominantly practical with some CG assistance. By shooting in a controlled environment, they were able to execute this in a seamless manner, making everything old new again, just like the plastic!

Take a look at the spots here: