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A toast to the good life from Christina Schmidhofer


One of the great perks of being a sought-after food and lifestyle photographer is getting to enjoy all that fabulous food and lifestyle firsthand. Christina Schmidhofer loves to celebrate the beauty of whatever’s growing, grazing, or swimming under the sun. Over the years, she’s returned again and again to California’s lush central coast, and recently, she’s been documenting the area’s next generation of young winemakers. Christina knows that shooting in nature requires the right mix of planning and improvisation. On a recent job for Clos Solène in Paso Robles, she arrived before dawn to capture the beauty of the sunrise. But the weather had other plans, and the vineyard was blanketed in a thick fog. Fortunately, on her scout the afternoon before, Christina had decided to do some sunset shooting, and that’s when she captured many of these gorgeous golden-hour images. With the October harvest quickly approaching she’s already making plans to return to Clos Solène for another round of shooting, sipping, and chilling. Nice lifestyle.



Wine Life by Christina Schmidhofer

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