A finless fish story from photographer Jay Fram


Finless Foods is a super-cool startup that makes plant-based and cell-cultured tuna with a mission to “create a future for seafood where the ocean thrives.” So, when they needed portraits of the leadership team, Jay Fram proposed using the ocean as a setting—but not just as a background. He knew he wanted to photograph these young oceanic entrepreneurs actually in the water—but dressed for the office. It’s easy enough to head out to a beach with a camera and grab some shots, but making controlled, lit images with clients watching on a tethered monitor just like they would at a studio shoot is another matter. One minute, people are posing calmly, toe-deep in the water. The next, a rogue wave has everyone swirling in two feet of surf. Meanwhile, the wind keeps sweeping up the huge lighting umbrella like a sail and nearly blowing it down the beach. Between beach shots and interiors at an adjacent resort, it was a long, challenging day, but it was just the kind of challenge Jay loves, and he made it fun for his subjects in a way that brought out their best. That mix of polished, professional images with fun, real energy is exactly what Jay does best—and just what the client was fishing for.