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700 And Counting!

Celebrated pet photographer Mark Rogers has recently reached quite a milestone in service of a great cause. Back in 2008, Mark was contacted by Pet Food Express for the shooting of My Mutt Posters, a small service that would have a substantial impact on raising money and awareness for pet rescues, advocacy groups, and shelters.

The My Mutt Poster project is fairly simple: people would donate $250 or more towards an animal non-profit or animal focused cause and in exchange, Mark (or another local pet photographer) would shoot a personalized poster complete with the pet’s name and the cause that the funds were donated to. 100% of the proceeds go towards the rescue initiative and the pet owners walk away with an awesome piece of artwork. We are beyond pleased to say that in Mark’s years of service to The My Mutt program, he recently shot his 700TH POSTER (that’s alot of pets)! Congratulations to Mark and may he continue to be an influential voice for pet loving photographers around the world! Check out some of his most recent posters below, and click here if you would like more information on how you can get involved with the My Mutt Poster program.