Adding an exclamation point!

Hello, Two weeks ago, I was delighted to share director Jef Loeb’s compilation reel—emblematic of his ability to take even a highly familiar assignment and give it an unexpected storytelling twist. As a way to build on that, I wanted to share his most recent project—a very special public affairs

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Sharing a great new reel

Hello, We all know there are some creative assignments that come established and routine, expectations set. But then there are times when someone takes that familiarity and gives it a novel spin, a unique twist. So, when I asked Jef Loeb, a director on my roster, to develop something as

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Portraits of diversity and depth from Stan Evans

Hello, For Stan Evans, directing and photographing a recent campaign for Cisco wasn’t just a job. It was doing the work—the work of building social justice. Creating 160 portraits that make a statement about diversity in the workplace involved some serious numbers: twenty different talent, three days of shooting, and

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