Blake Jorgensen and the art of photo-surrealism

Hello, Sometimes a client says to a photographer, “Let’s make art. Let’s push visual boundaries. And let’s do it together.” That was pretty much the brief when Blake Jorgenson collaborated with Canadian superstar DJ and electronic music maven Andrea Graham, best known by her stage name The Librarian, to create her own

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Freya Fennwood’s latest adventure with Title Nine

Hello, It’s hard to imagine a better match than Title Nine, the women-run athletic and outdoor apparel company, and Freya Fennwood, whose personal passion for wilderness spaces and outdoor play—and profound understanding of light, composition and adventure storytelling—have made her one of the best outdoor/active photographers in the business. Title

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Nader Khouri is helping make food media more equitable and inclusive.

Hello, For food and lifestyle photographer Nader Khouri, Cócteles de Temporada was a dream project. For starters, it was the brainchild of Nader’s longtime collaborator, the multitalented stylist Jillian Knox. Jillian had a vision of making a beautiful series of books that reflected more representation and inclusion than what’s typically

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(Re) Introducing photographer Eric O’Connell

Hello, I’m thrilled to welcome a brilliant new artist to our group. Well, I should say “welcome back,” because I represented Eric O’Connell in the past, so I’m already a huge believer in his talent, and I know what a delight he is to work with. Since we worked together,

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Ashley, Ana, and the power of the happy place

Hello, Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay’s happy place is telling stories of diversity, social impact, and inclusivity. So, you can imagine how happy they were to work on a campaign for Honor, the home care network, whose mission is “revolutionizing how society cares for older adults, their families, and Care

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Stan Evans shares a different side of Sterling Shepard

Hello, Recently, Stan Evans shot these beautiful images featuring NY Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard. The project—an advertorial for Genesis Automotive created by Bustle Studios and Camp4 Collective for the social platforms Fatherly and Inverse—was the perfect fit for Stan, combining three of the subjects he’s best known for and

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Why Michal Venera and his studio are like a perfect pair of shoes

Hello, Michal Venera loves his Hokas. “They’re so light and comfortable—you put them on, and you never want to take them off,” he told me recently. He’s also loved working with the ultra-hot shoe and apparel brand for the last three years. Colorado-based Aspen Productions produced this recent shoot with

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Need a superhero? Shane Johnson to the rescue!

Hello, Superheroes are a natural fit for marketing and corporate communications, and when companies like Cisco and HP need are looking for some custom crafted superhero action, they often turn to Shane Johnson. Clients love working with Shane not just because he’s such a great illustrator. Along with his artistic

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How Jef Loeb made a TV spot at nuclear speed

Hello, It’s not easy to come up with a breakthrough way get people to think differently about an environmental hot button like nuclear energy. But that didn’t stop Director/Writer/Creative Director Jef Loeb. Recently, senior California environmentalists concluded that the state should keep the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant open while

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The amazing animal instincts of Filip Yip & Co.

Hello, What makes a duck quack? What makes an otter unmistakably otter-y? What puts the gold in a goldfish—even when it’s green? Filip Yip and his longtime collaborator Peter Cassell are geniuses at reducing an image to just a few essential strokes and shapes that make it instantly identifiable, charming

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