The year in review, and happy 2022

Hello, As 2021 comes to a close, I want to take a moment to express my admiration and love for the brilliant artists I work with every day. As this little sampler shows, even the most challenging times can’t keep their creative spirits down. In fact, if there’s been a

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Michal Venera’s powerful images of veterans make you stop and look deeper.

Hello, Recently, BBDO created a campaign designed to boost awareness and raise funds for Mission 22, a non-profit dedicated to helping active service members, veterans, and their families deal with and heal from post-traumatic stress, brain injury, depression, and other challenges. They thought of Michal Venera’s powerful B&W portraiture work

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How Eli Meir Kaplan captured a fresh bank of images for Capital One.

Hello, What’s in Capital One’s wallet? Well, thanks to Eli Meir Kaplan, it’s a brand-new bank of more than 300 beautiful images to be used for the company’s integrated marketing campaigns. Shooting over five days at eight locations—including a grocery store, a homewares shop, a bus, a hardware store, a

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Bryan Coppede celebrates women woodworkers

Hello, There are two reasons you might call Bryan Coppede an artisan photographer. First, he approaches his work like a craftsman, constantly honing and refining his technical skills with Zenlike focus. Second, he’s especially drawn to showcasing people who work with their hands—whether they’re farmers, beekeepers, winemakers, or woodworkers. Since

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Nader Khouri reflects on the world’s most beautiful cookware

Hello, Way up in northern Piemonte, the Ruffoni family has been handcrafting some of the world’s most beautiful copper cookware for nearly a century. A few months ago, Ruffoni’s US marketing team engaged Nader Khouri to create a new collection of winter entertaining images for web and social promotion. Having

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How Blake Jorgenson took activewear to new heights

Hello, Arc’teryx is more than a cool outdoor clothing company. They design ultrahigh-performance gear that can “climb every mountain.” Until this year, they’d been shooting their products in a studio with outdoor sets, but recently they decided it was time to get real, get muddy, and head for the hills—and

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A finless fish story from photographer Jay Fram

Hello, Finless Foods is a super-cool startup that makes plant-based and cell-cultured tuna with a mission to “create a future for seafood where the ocean thrives.” So, when they needed portraits of the leadership team, Jay Fram proposed using the ocean as a setting—but not just as a background. He

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Peter Cassell captures the face by painting the soul

Hello, As part of Filip Yip & Co., Peter Cassell has collaborated with Filip for years on character, branding, technical illustration, and motion projects. Among his many talents and styles, Pete has a real gift for fusing portraiture and caricature to create charming images that somehow look more like the

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Another first for diversity from Stan Evans

Hello, Photographer Stan Evans is committed to a powerful idea: He believes that art, commercial work, and activism can not only coexist, they can actually come together to help make a better, more inclusive world. That’s why Cervélo Bikes chose him to tell the story of Sika Henry, the first

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Martine Séverin celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Hello, Chicago- and LA-based photographer Martine Séverin recently shot these lovely images to capture the last golden days of summer and the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15). Martine has worked all over the world and credits her love of diversity to spending her formative

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