2020 hindsight

Hello, Looking back on 2020, I asked our artists to send me an image or a thought that sums up something they’re taking away from this strange year. One thing all of them said was that sheltering in place actually inspired them to get more creative. Brian Smale now knows

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How Nader Khouri put Whole30 on the best dressed list

Hello, When the people at Whole30 launched their new line of multi-use dressings, they wanted to show the world that healthy cooking can be mouthwateringly delicious. So they turned to photographer Nader Khouri. Working with stylists Jillian Knox and Josmine Evans in a rigorously safe and distanced studio shoot, Nader

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This virtual art museum is a game-changer

Hello, Shane Johnson gets some seriously cool gigs. For Five by Five Global and their client, Activision Blizzard Media, he created two illustrations for the award-winning Gallery of the Gamer, an interactive virtual museum that showcases different gamer personas in reimagined versions of famous works of art. For “Balance of Power,” he

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A harvest of hope

Hello, From photographer Bryan Coppede, these images tell the story of a couple in New York’s Hudson River Valley. The husband immigrated to the US from Senegal with his children, bringing with him his knowledge of traditional rice farming techniques, and together, the family created New York state’s first rice

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Images to Fall in love with

Hello, This fall, we could all use a little extra “comfy-cozy.” That’s one of the moods Martine Séverin is so good at capturing. Whether she’s working editorially or commercially, her loving lens sees the best in people and celebrates human connections. Here’s to s’more of that! Fondly, Freda   Martine

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It’s time to kick some butt

Hello, Monday October 12 is National Kick Butt Day—a perfect time to break an old habit, start a new one, or just get energized about leaping over a hurdle and going for a personal best. To “kick it off” I’m sharing these images from our artists that celebrate people stepping

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What’s the buzz about Bryan Coppede?

Hello, There’s a reason Brooklyn-based photographer/director Bryan Coppede turns his lens so frequently to artisans and master craftspersons. He is one himself. His visual storytelling is meticulously crafted and technical in the best way: it feels warm, inviting, soulful and honest. When Tauzer Apiaries, a generations-old Sacramento valley company turned

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Could this be the most beautiful studio on earth?

Hello, I’ve seen a lot of studios, but there’s nothing in the world quite like Michal Venera’s. For starters, it’s part of a 36-acre working sheep farm nestled in the rolling hills of West Marin, about an hour north of San Francisco. The studio itself is a soaring 5,000 square

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Keeping it safe while keeping it real

Hello, On a bright summer day in a field in Petaluma, CA, San Francisco-based photographers Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay captured these moments of authentic beauty. Behind it all was a fully produced shoot with models, wardrobe/location by Deb Dap and Deborah Willson and DP Michael Johnston—all organized to ensure maximum safety and social distancing.

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Illustration that makes the world understandable

Hello, Filip Yip is more than a master technical illustrator. He’s one of those rare creative talents who can bring anything to life—from the technically complex to the totally imaginary. Whether he’s helping to envision the look and feel of a cannabis museum or creating precise technical illustrations, Filip’s gift

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