From Wyoming to Mexico with Photographer Brian Smale

What does the digital economy look like from the outside? Photographer Brian Smale set out on a three-week odyssey to document the lands that technology forgot. The trip took him from the Columbia River Gorge to Juarez, Mexico in search of hope. “Microsoft provides tech education to schools in rural

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Shane L. Johnson’s superpower is illustration

What does it feel like when a movie franchise that’s grossed $1.6B worldwide picks you to illustrate their latest tie-in book? It feels like you can fly. “They asked that I submit sample art for Hiccup, Toothless and Astrid,” recalls Shane. “Character designs hadn’t been released yet, so I created

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From microbrew to mega beer
with Illustrator Filip Yip

What does it say when one of the most recognizable brands in the world trusts you with their identity? Once Budweiser decided to update their sacred eagle to reflect both their heritage and their modernity, there was only one illustrator on the list. When Anheuser-Busch launched a rebranding campaign, their

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Photographers with purpose: Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay

What do you do when an entire neighborhood is on the Endangered List? The photographic team of Ana Homonnay and Ashley Thompson saw their beloved Mission District in San Francisco slipping away through the erosion of gentrification. They decided to memorialize their adopted home and its people before it was

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Photographer Steve Belkowitz focuses on the world he wants to see.

What develops when a world-class photographer marries the client’s business objectives with a personal mission to move the conversation? People are presented in an authentic way that still speaks the market language. “Overall I’m trying to add images to the conversation to push along a progressive vision,” Steve reflects, “Whether

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Director Jef Loeb on how to get more from every production

How does a consortium of energy companies change the way people think about their industries? Showcase a future made possible by their products. Combining live action with intensive VFX, this tentpole video anchors a huge number of digital, streaming, and point-of- sale assets. Each scene was shot to work as

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Photographer Michal Venera and the farmer next door

Sometimes photographer Michal Venera gets inspired by the rolling landscape out the windows of his northern California studio. Sometimes he gets inspired by the neighbors. “Bob runs the ranch next to my land,” says Michal, “and they just don’t make them like him anymore.” one of Michal and Bob’s occasional

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