Illustrator Filip Yip gives brands Girl Power

In a career that spans decades, brand consultant, designer and illustrator Filip Yip has created countless logos, icons and illustrations celebrating the female figure. And while they are vastly different in style, they do have one thing in common. “They have to tell the story of the brand, and do

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Strong shots of tequila, from photographer Michal Venera

Sure, photographer Michal Venera expected there to be challenges while shooting website photos for Cruz Tequila near Jalisco, Mexico. Remote terrain, local gangs, bribe-happy officials, Michal had prepared for them all. He was not, however, expecting snow. [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last] “They said it hadn’t snowed there in 15 years,” Michal laughs. “You

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Thompson-Homonnay break into Glassdoor

When Glassdoor needed a new library of still and motion images, photographer team Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay were the perfect fit. “They really wanted to capture people with a passion for their craft, and satisfaction at work,” Ashley says. “We can relate to that! [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last] Charged with creating both

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Illustrator Update: Fall Fun Edition

Take a quick peek at the latest and greatest from our roster of illustrators. Carolyn Vibbert: Scenes of autumn Carolyn’s illustration styles range from whimsical maps to strong simple icons to intricate woodcuts, but through them all she brings her signature warmth and approachability.   Filip Yip: In costume for

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The fresh look of Matt Weems’ 19th Century Ink

Illustrator Matt Weems is bringing Victorian back. Dubbing his style “19th Century Ink,” he draws on the black and white woodcut and idyllic styles of the late 1800s to early 1900s, adding his own unique, sometimes subversive, point of view. “There’s something rich that happens when you can tie into

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Photographer Steve Belkowitz creates a custom shoot for Macy’s

Preparing to launch their new custom-made men’s suits, Macy’s tapped veteran photographer Steve Belkowitz for their Tailor Square brand’s first ever photo shoot. But with an all new internal team, and no visual precedents, Steve quickly realized his shoot would have to be made-to-fit as well. [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last] “It was a

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Artist update: What we did this summer

Here’s a quick roundup of some of the latest work from our photographers and illustrators. Graphic Artist Filip Yip: Scenes of San Francisco Known for his versatility and deep portfolio of icons, logos, infographics and more, designer Filip Yip captured the spirit of San Francisco in his recent icon designs.

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Sports, boats, beach – and a better world

Brian Smale for Special Olympics On very, very good days our photographers get to partner with amazing community organizations, creating images that help them spread inspiration and impact. Here are some of our latest. Brian Smale for Special Olympics Special Olympics brings the joy of sport to more than 4.9

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Shane Johnson illustrates a musical world

Illustrator Shane Johnson’s latest job was to draw something that doesn’t exist yet. “I was asked to create visual concepts for a music-focused venue being developed in San Francisco,” he explains, “and the interior is still just studs and nails.” Called the Music City Hit Factory, the venue is slated

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