Sports Photographer Andrew Maguire is King of the Mountain

Photographer: Andrew Maguire, Client: Colorado Tourism Board, Agency: Karsh Hagan, Production Company: Camp 4 Collective The Colorado Tourism Board knows what brings visitors to the state, and they know active lifestyle and mountain sports photographer Andrew Maguire can capture it best. A long-time resident and outdoors addict himself, Andrew is

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Filip Yip gets technical.

Illustrator and Graphic Designer Filip Yip can see through buildings, machines and more – and he’ll help you do the same. Filip’s precise technical illustrations are often used to show the inner workings of complex machinery, or to help explain how things are used. “With all technical drawings, first I

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Forget NY. Illustrator Carolyn Vibbert hearts New England.

Illustrator Carolyn Vibbert makes New Hampshire look idyllic, with good reason. The Portsmouth native is a resident and a fan, and she’s been called on many times – by clients both local and far flung – to create art that represents life in the northeast. After growing up in New

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Put a Dog in it

Animals sell, and Photographer Mark Rogers helps them do it. It’s the oldest trick in the marketing book. To get people’s attention, just add puppy. And that’s what animal photographer Mark Rogers does best. Mark has been working with dogs, cats, birds and all manner of loyal pals for his

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Good Times With Old Timers

Photographer Steve Belkowitz for Rydal Park If you search Google Images for “aging,” the results are less than encouraging. It seems, at best, we can hope for backlit, pensive repose in our old age. But Photographer Steve Belkowitz just wrapped a brand campaign for Rydal Park Retirement Community in Rydal,

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The New Look of Work

Brian Smale’s photos give corporate culture a lift Strong corporate culture is an established “must-have” for working millennials. That means it’s a must for hiring managers and CEOs as well. And recently, Photographer Brian Smale has been helping Microsoft with exactly that. [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last] Brian photographed Microsoft’s technology leadership team –

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Andrew Maguire moves mountains for Subaru

When Subaru wants to capture the active, outdoor lifestyle the brand embodies, they turn to a photographer who does the same. Andrew Maguire, a longtime Colorado resident, is well-immersed in the world of hiking, camping, kayaking and climbing. He knows an authentic scene when he sees one, and how to

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Steve Belkowitz Makes the Party

Photographer Steve Belkowitz brought out the wild side of Cleveland’s Hard Rock Rocksino in a recent shoot, acting not just as stills photographer but also Director/DP for 6 TV and web videos. [one_half] [/one_half][one_half_last] [/one_half_last] Steve, who shared the DP role with a trusted camera man, had one main goal

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Headshots get human

Photographer Brian Smale has shot the gamut of corporate headshots over his long career. But the trend toward business casual and efforts to recruit lifestyle-happy millenials means headshots aren’t what they used to be. And that’s a good thing. “There’s so much more life and creativity,” he says, describing his

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