Filip Yip gets technical.

Illustrator and Graphic Designer Filip Yip can see through buildings, machines and more – and he’ll help you do the same. Filip’s precise technical illustrations are often used to show the inner workings of complex machinery, or to help explain how things are used. “With all technical drawings, first I

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Good Times With Old Timers

If you search Google Images for “aging,” the results are less than encouraging. It seems, at best, we can hope for backlit, pensive repose in our old age. But Photographer Steve Belkowitz just wrapped a brand campaign for Rydal Park Retirement Community in Rydal, PA that offers a better picture.

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The New Look of Work

Strong corporate culture is an established “must-have” for working millennials. That means it’s a must for hiring managers and CEOs as well. And recently, Photographer Brian Smale has been helping Microsoft with exactly that. Brian photographed Microsoft’s technology leadership team – a group whose limited internal exposure led them to

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Steve Belkowitz Makes the Party

Photographer Steve Belkowitz has shot around the world, with top models and top clients. But his latest project had him on his knees. When Kiddie Academy approached him for a campaign starring the 5-and-under set, he knew exactly what he was in for. “I’ve worked with kids a lot,” Steve

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