Kids: A Photographer’s Survival Story.

Photographer Steve Belkowitz has shot around the world, with top models and top clients. But his latest project had him on his knees. When Kiddie Academy approached him for a campaign starring the 5-and-under set, he knew exactly what he was in for. “I’ve worked with kids a lot,” Steve

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Photographer Mark Rogers
can read your dog’s mind.

Mark Rogers has built his career on pet photography, capturing countless mutt mugs over the years for advertising and stock photo clients, along with private pet owners. Now he’s turned his passion for pets into his first book: Thanks For Picking Up My Poop: Everyday Gratitude From Dogs. Partnering with

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For Andrew Maguire,
Photography is always an adventure.

In the past 3 years, Action Photographer and Director Andrew Maguire has travelled through Turkey, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, France and more. And that’s when he’s not busy shooting in the U.S. But it hasn’t always been that way. After art school, Andrew’s first jobs were shooting office furniture

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quick almost painless – photoshop

The very quick & almost painless image SEO optimization guide for FREDA SCOTT CREATIVE: Each uploaded image needs to have just 2 elements: File Name Alternative Text File Name This is how we organize your photos and also has minor SEO implications. Image title (see below) should be short, sweet and

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Summer Sightseeing

Carolyn Vibbert has been commissioned by some of the most renowned must-see travel destinations to illustrate their maps. Her illustrations have been recognized in Communication Arts, Print’s Regional Annual to name a few. Her style is visually engaging and reflects the character of the location. As travel enters its peak

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Full Moon for Blue Moon

Last night’s launch party for Blue Moon’s label art was a huge success! I’d like to give a huge thanks to Trinity Brand Group, the great people at Olson PR, Blue Moon and of course the fantastic artists that were able to make it and see their great work…Below are

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Rising Moons

In celebration of Blue Moon Brewing Company’s 20th anniversary, MillerCoors, who owns Blue Moon wanted to do something unique. Trinity Brand Group came up with an idea of a contest that would showcase artists as diverse as Blue Moon’s collection of brews. In order to do so, they required the

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Food + People

Every once in a while, an artist or photographer is daring enough to pair things that are seemingly unrelated to create something profoundly special. In this case, the photographer is Shannon McIntyre and her special creation is “Food + People”, a riveting portfolio pairing lifestyle photography with their edible counterparts.

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Focal Points: Freda Scott

[one_half] [/one_half][one_half_last] As the proclaimed “Curator of Creativity”, Freda Scott has assembled a multifaceted powerhouse of talent featuring award winning photographers, illustrators, artists and copywriters. Throughout her career, Freda has emphasized the consistent supply and delivery of real, genuine artists who exceed expectations while adhering to budgets and deadlines. With

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Fantastic Four

Photographer Brian Smale wrapped production on another feature story for Microsoft, this time featuring four of their top designers responsible for redefining the the user experience. Brian’s initial plan involved shooting all four of the designers together, but scheduling conflicts forced Brian to come up with something else with stunning

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