From a pool of over 8000 submissions gathered from photographers throughout 50 countries, Will Strawser was recently featured in Lürzer’s esteemed list of the Best 200 Ad Photographers. And the showcase pieces they selected perfectly fit Will’s art-forward, visual storytelling style.

Commercial Photographer Will Strawser’s listing and work in Lurzer’s Best 200 Ad Photographers issue

“This painterly style is different from a lot of the ad work I do, but I think it can be really relevant,” says Will. “Consumers want to see something unique but familiar at the same time. Putting a modern spin on the painting styles from well-known classic art is a great way to draw people in.”

Overhead shot on black seamless of mushrooms and vases in painterly style, from photographer Will Strawser

For Will, it’s a labor of love to create photos in this style. “I always loved the Dutch renaissance masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer,” says Will. “Everything from the darker lighting style to the symbolism throughout.” And high art is highly fashionable right now. Will points to Peter Lippmann’s recent work for Christian Louboutin as one example, in addition to his own fashion work.

Fashion shot in painterly style of male model on a throne draped in fox fur, from photographer Will Strawser

Will’s latest efforts include the cover of Washington Post Magazine and shooting social media video content for repeat client, Wegman’s. Congratulations to Will for being recognized as one of Lürzer’s Best 200 Ad Photographers. We couldn’t agree more.

A feast shot in the painterly style of the Dutch Masters, from photographer Will Strawser