“I do love summer,” says Carolyn Vibbert about the inspiration behind her collection of eternally sunny illustrations. “I hike, canoe, swim in the ocean. And when I’m illustrating, I combine that feeling with the message the client is trying to communicate.”

Illustration of a sea turtle and a sea star, by illustrator Carolyn Vibbert

Solving the puzzle of communication plus emotion is what has driven Carolyn’s extensive career. Her styles range from whimsical brush strokes to fine lines to cut paper, but through it all is a thread of human insight and warmth.

A whimsical beach scene bursting with color and activity, from illustrator Carolyn Vibbert
A weather vane with a whale and seagull on top, from illustrator Carolyn Vibbert

“Design principles are very important to me,” she says. “I love figuring out how to tell a story with shapes and color.” She’s done just that for notable clients ranging from Clorox to Quaker to Safeway.

A rowboat in front of a cabin in woodcut style, from illustrator Carolyn Vibbert
A ceramic pitcher, flowers, lemons and a sailboat in warm, sunny colors by illustrator Carolyn Vibbert

Want to keep Summer going? You can find more of Carolyn’s work from all seasons right here.

A woman sells pie at a pie stand, by illustrator Carolyn Vibbert
Colorful depictions of summer icons like a sun, ice cream, boat and bear, from illustrator Carolyn Vibbert