“Most agencies want that one perfect photo. But this time they wanted one perfect file, to give them endless photos,” says retoucher Rachel Kissel, describing her latest project. Calvary Agency asked Rachel to create a file they could easily rearrange for Corona’s website, billboards, banners and more. The ask was enormous, the timeline was miniscule.

Original unretouched photos of lime and Corona Premier can and bottle

“From the original photos (above), I retouched and arranged the file so the various elements can slide anywhere in the frame, allowing copy to be placed anywhere around the products. Then the file can be cropped in hundreds of different framing options. This file is a monster – it can do so much,” says Rachel.

Video showing retoucher Rachel Kissel’s process on the Corona Premier retouching project

See how retoucher Rachel Kissel’s final, incredibly flexible file works

A perfect style-match for the dreamy reflections in the brief, Rachel is also seasoned enough to handle the complexity of the job. “Besides making the reflections, they needed to be able to move around on the surface. But the client wanted three surface options nested in the file – concrete, wood and wood slats. The elements needed to be gorgeous, realistic, mobile, modular and work on different surfaces.”

Two cans of Corona Premier, using a different configuration of the retouched photo from retoucher Rachel Kissel
A glass of Corona Premier and the can, using a different configuration of the retouched photo from retoucher Rachel Kissel

Rachel hunkered down at her desk in Portland while the photo shoot took place in Chicago, starting her composite as the shots came in. Working through the nights with her three assistants to make 8am presentations on east coast time, the entire project was wrapped in under two weeks. “This was a tall order and a creative challenge,” says Rachel. “I loved it.”

Corona’s website using the photo of Corona Premier from retoucher Rachel Kissel

You can see more of Rachel’s highly finessed retouching work here.