Still frame of a woman dancing in a jungle scene, from the 2018 motion reel of photographer Will Strawser

“It’s hard to even call myself a photographer anymore,” laughs Will Strawser. “Probably 75% of my projects now have a motion or video component to them.” As brands look for multiple ways to connect with their audience, traditional photographers increasingly find themselves called to take on the role of content creator. Will considers it a welcome development.

Still frame of a boxer from the 2018 motion reel of photographer Will Strawser

“Video has been a passion of mine since school. I’ve stayed hungry for new techniques and ideas, even as I developed my photography business,” he says. A website project a few years ago gave him the opportunity to expand his reach. “We did videos and stills for a high-rise development in DC, showcasing real people living in their homes. It was a gateway into a whole new world of excitement.”

Still frame of raspberries in water from the 2018 food/beverage motion reel of photographer Will Strawser

Still, the transition from still photography to moving picture is not an easy one. “It takes an adjustment to open your mind to telling a story in multiple frames versus just one. And a hybrid shoot is much more complicated – with the bigger crew and lighting set ups, we’ll take double the time on video as we do on stills. If we can, I like to keep them on separate days so they each get the attention they deserve.”

Still frame of an athlete draped in the American flag from the 2018 motion reel of photographer Will Strawser

For Will, that extra effort pays off. “What I love most about shooting stills and motion for the same project is imparting an overall vision to the campaign. Shooting just the stills limits how everything will flow together.”

Still frame of a surfer walking into the ocean from the motion reel of photographer Will Strawser

Will has shot stills, gifs, cinemagraphs and video in his rich, distinctive style for clients like Memo Jewelry, Silvon Home, Wegman’s and Bethesda Row. You can see more of his wide body of work here.

Still frame of a teacup and saucers flying through the air from photographer Will Strawser’s food/beverage motion reel