Photographer Andrew Maguire is accustomed to keeping up with extreme athletes and intense terrain. But with recent back-to-back projects for Merrell and Eddie Bauer, he reached all-new levels.

Athlete and Merrell Ambassador Jason Antin does pushups, from photographer Andrew Maguire
Athlete Jennifer Tavernier runs stairs for Merrell by photographer Andrew Maguire

For Merrell’s #TrainSoICan campaign, Andrew tailed mountaineer Jason Antin, trainer Jennifer Tavernier and ultrarunner Anna Frost during their typical workouts. Which, of course, are anything but typical.

Athlete Jennifer Tavernier runs stairs at the beach, from photographer Andrew Maguire
Ultrarunner Anna Frosty runs a mountain trail, from photographer Andrew Maguire

Soon after, he was off to document an attempt to summit Kilimanjaro by “This is Us” star Mandy Moore and her fiancé, Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith for sponsor Eddie Bauer.

Charged with both motion photography and stills, Andrew covered much of the terrain twice, circling ahead and behind for the best angles and light.

Mandy Moore hikes through snowy mountains, from photographer Andrew Maguire

Seven grueling days after they began, the group successfully completed the northern route despite ice storms, freezing temperatures and climbing in complete darkness. “We started as strangers, but ended as family,” says Andrew of the adventure.

A moment of laughter as the team climbs Kilimanjaro, by photographer Andrew Maguire
Mandy Moore zips up her tent during her Kilimanjaro attempt, by photographer Andrew Maguire

You can see more of Andrew’s mountain sport and adventure photography here.

Mount Kilimanjaro rises against a starry night sky, by photographer Andrew Maguire