Photo of a lonely abandoned structure near the Salton Sea

Jordan Reeder spends many long days in the studio, shooting the clean glossy lines of the latest tech innovation or warm family scenes of people using them. So when he has time to recharge, he heads for the wildest, most untamed territory he can find.

A photo of homes on a desolate dirt road near the Salton Sea A photo triptych of a trailer home and telephone wires near the Salton Sea

“I have a passion for landscapes,” says Jordan. “The Salton Sea is the largest lake in California, and it’s just sad that something so beautiful is mostly deserted.”

Photo of an overturned, abandoned office chair washed up on the shore of the Salton Sea
Photo of a sun bleached fish skeleton lying on gray gravel beach near the Salton Sea.

Jordan is an avid traveler, having been to five of the seven continents (Africa and Antartica are on his wish list), but he never hits the road without his camera.

Photo of the remains of the garage of an abandoned home wreckage by the Salton Sea
Photo of the few left behind items in an abandoned decaying Salton Sea home.

Back home, Jordan’s most recent work was a launch series for Eufy home solutions. Shooting for 2 days in a home setting, Jordan captured photos for website, packaging, social media and “pretty much anything they need pics for.”

Photo of a man using a modern lamp at his desk

Jordan used Capture One software and Apple computers so the Art Directors on set could follow along in real time and collaborate. He used ambient lighting where possible so he could save time for the shots that required LEDs or Profoto strobes. Two assistants, three talent, makeup and hair completed the team.

Photo of a couple on a couch in morning light with a laptop and coffee
Photo of a child’s hands touching a modern, dome shaped nightlight

But the star of the show was Chompers, the dog. Recommended by commercial animal photographer (and Freda Scott roster-mate) Mark Rogers, the Corgi won over the entire team. “That dog smiled on demand,” laughs Jordan.

Photo of a child watching a robot vacuum work while a Corgi chases alongside it.

You can see more of Jordan’s personal and professional work here.