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Shane Johnson shows his styles
Inspired by graphic novels, Shane Johnson may be best known for character development. But there are many more tricks up his sleeve, like his recent editorial, logo and licensed character work.

A girl writes a letter to her mayor, by Illustrator Shane Johnson for educational materials
A man pulls open his shirt, superhero style, for Cisco Spark by illustrator Shane Johnson


Will Strawser on set
With his stylish set work for a textiles client, Will Strawser perfectly captures those last precious moments of rest in a comfy bed.

A woman stretches in a cozy yellow bed, from photographer Will Strawser

A man sleeps in a comfy bed bathed in sunlight, from photographer Will Strawser

A woman stretches out in her cozy bed, from photographer Will Strawswer


Michal Venera in Europe
Even when Michal Venera is on vacation, he can’t stop shooting. Lucky us – we get to enjoy this fun exploratory series from his travels through France.

Shoes and legs on a bridge with the Seine river in the background, by photographer Michal Venera

Shoes and legs on a walkway with a large ferris wheel in the background, by photographer Michal Venera
Shoes and legs on a sidewalk with the Arc de Triomphe behind, by photographer Michal Venera


Rachel Kissel for Reebok
Rachel Kissel’s credit should read ‘Photoshop Wizard’ for this amazing Reebox image. Collaborating with photographer Kevin Twomey, Rachel used extensive composite and retouching techniques. Check out before and after:

The ‘before’ images of feet and shoes used by retoucher Rachel Kissel for a Reebok image
The final composite image of a Reebok shoe surrounded by soles of bare feet, by retoucher Rachel Kissel