A toast to summer celebrations from Martine Séverin

Hello, From Chicago- and LA-based photographer Martine Séverin, here’s a toast to the long, sunny days of summer, and the chance to slow down and celebrate life together. This summer, every gathering feels sweeter than ever—and I love how that feeling comes through in these images. Martine has an unfailing

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Michal Venera’s liquid assets

Hello, After years of living in Northern California for years, Michal Venera has amassed an impressive roster of winery clients—and a sixth sense for all the lighting and shooting secrets that photographers can use to make liquids look beautiful. Which is why Republic of Tea has been coming back to

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New designustration work from Dorothea Taylor

Hello, Publishers love working with “designustrator” Dorothea Taylor because she’s a one-stop solution for creating highly visual covers that really help a book sell. She handles everything from concepting the “scene” and visualizing the characters to designing and illustrating the typography. Those skills have served her well in creating posters,

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Blake Jorgenson, wilderness rock star

Hello, There are rocks and there are Rocks—and “The Chief” is definitely the latter. Soaring straight up more than 2,000 feet above the Howe Sound in Squamish, BC, it’s the second-largest granite monolith in the world after the Rock of Gibraltar. For climbers, it’s a bucket-list Mecca, and that made

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Bryan Coppede explores the art and craft of yacht building

Hello, One of the things that particularly floats Brooklyn-based Photographer Bryan Coppede’s boat is telling stories of artisan excellence. He had always wanted to photograph the craftspeople who build and restore boats—but not just any run-of-the-mill fiberglass boats. Bryan dreamt of being a fly on the wall in a traditional, hand-crafted yacht

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Freya Fennwood wants you to learn from her near-death experience

Hello, Photographer Freya Fennwood almost died a few weeks ago. A master snowboarder, who was also named one of skiing’s top shooters by Backcountry magazine, Freya knows her way around a slope. But boarding down Mount Baker on an exceptionally deep powder day, she suddenly found herself buried upside down in

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What does surfing have to do with social impact?

Hello, Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay are known for celebrating people’s authentic truths—a quality that comes from their deep commitment to telling stories of social impact, diversity and human connection. How deep? In this case, deep enough to need a wetsuit. Ash and Ana were honored to be chosen to

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Jay Fram shares the secret of bring tech to life

Hello, When ArsenalBio, a San Francisco-based programmable cell therapy company that’s on a mission to cure cancer, hired photographer Jay Fram to create images for marketing and communications, he knew he wanted to do more than simply document the company’s breakthrough technology and equipment. He wanted to capture a sense

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Stan Evans explores equity, representation, and stories untold

Hello, Photographer and Director Stan Evans is committed to telling the stories you don’t usually hear. And he believes representation isn’t just about whose story gets told, but also about who’s doing the telling. Subaru of America agrees. They trusted Stan to tell the beautiful story of athlete and explorer

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