Photography Firm in San Mateo, CA

Creative prints and professional production thrive at Freda Scott Creative. Specializing in a variety of different creative services, our photography firm in San Mateo, CA, has collaborated with clients on an international basis. From creating logos to capturing the heart of a business, our photography and illustration agency has the right service option to develop striking images for each of our clients. Our photographers and artists have been featured on countless Best Of lists, and we are eager to bring our creative talents to your campaigns. We represent a select group of artists for companies around the globe. Speak with us to discover how our visual storytelling can help you craft the perfect image.  

Standout Photos & Illustrations

Building a better brand starts with the right images. With portfolios that cover everything from food and lifestyle to sports and historical re-enactments, our artists are available to work with clients for nearly any style. We take the time to get a clear picture of what you are looking for, so that we can tailor shoots and services to fit your campaigns. Our photography and illustration networks include talented artists who can perform production services for every type of project.  

The Perfect Touch for Your Campaign

An ideal ad does more than just tell your customers about products or services – it creates a need in their mind. Effective campaigns often contain standout photos and illustrations that paint a picture for customers. Whether you are marketing your restaurant or launching a new technology, our team assists you in developing an image that leaves buyers wanting more. Our artists understand just how important image is for success. Through our illustration, photography, and production services, we help you craft a campaign infused with energy and style that will catch the eye of your customer base. Utilize our professional work for your advertising services today.   About Freda Scott Creative Our agency represents a select group of illustrators, still and motion photographers, retouchers, and copywriters. In some cases, we are also called on to retain talent from outside of our roster, and we are available to assist companies and agencies with project estimating, production, and billing. Top clients around the globe have utilized our talents for their publications, editorial articles, and marketing materials. No matter what your project calls for, we connect you with experienced producers who are eager to bring your brand to new heights. Contact our firm in San Mateo, California, to connect with one of our artists. Our firm serves commercial clients around the world.